System prerequisites

Hard and software requirements are subject to the operating systems and databases supported by EuroFib for Windows and cited below.

  • Single user/Client

Microsoft™ Windows 8, 8.1
Microsoft™ Windows 10

  • Terminal server

Microsoft™ Windows Server 2012
Microsoft™ Windows Server 2012 R2
Microsoft™ Windows Server 2016
Microsoft™ Windows Server 2019

  • Database management systems

Microsoft™ SQL Server 2012
Microsoft™ SQL Server 2014
Microsoft™ SQL Server 2016
Microsoft™ SQL Server 2017
Microsoft™ SQL Server 2019

Oracle™ 10g
Oracle™ 11g
Oracle™ 12c
Oracle™ 18c
Oracle™ 19c

Sybase™ SQL Anywhere 12 - EBF3457
Sybase™ SQL Anywhere 17 - EBF6089