Christian Rauch



"After a long search, I have finally found my product. I’m well pleased with it in practice.“

Christian Rauch has been successful as a commercial bookkeeper for many years. He serves very different clients and therefore requires simple, efficient, but nevertheless comprehensive, software.

Time. The lowest possible time cost is an important product selection criterion. Due to EuroFib’s simple operability, the program is immediately usable without requiring lengthy training. The rapid, uncomplicated installation of a new client by copying all of the master data from already existing clients should be particularly emphasized.

Versatile application possibilities. On the other hand, Christian Rauch’s customers have widely varying requirements, which EuroFib can efficiently cover.
EuroFib is also optimally applicable for sole proprietorships.

"I value the possibility of being able to get directly in contact with the development department at any time and also that my desires are considered in further development."

A long and mutually satisfying collaboration unites us with Christian Rauch ever since his decision for EuroFib.

Christian Rauch