Edit, positionssplit for more than one accounts available
(available from V6.4.844)

Payments -> Bank Statements -> Edit

With the right mouse button -> positionsplit you have the possibility to split a desired position on several different positions. (debtors/creditors/real accounts)

You have to use the complete amount before you can quit the split. You can define as many accounts as you want. (new row / delete row)

When you click on the menu item "positionsplit" on an already splitted position again, you enter the split window again. There you can change the positions.

The further editing process for split rows is the same as on normal rows. (Stati, assignments, tax codes, cost centres/cost units etc.)

With "delete positionsplit" you can undo the split.

A splitted position will be posted only if all rows of the split are correct and have an account entered.