New info-window available
(available from V6.4.849)

You can activate the new EUROFIB for windows infowindow if required.
This window is available in the whole application evertime.

The window is positioned on the upper right corner and displays the following informations after entering the account number:

- Balance
- Basic data informations
- Last posting on debit side
- Last posting on credit side

Additional you can open several programs with the right mouse button directly:

- Accounts data
- Account sheet
- Open items
- Development of balances

So you have the possibility to get all important informations about an account very fast, everywhere and anytime without navigate through the menu (incl. search functions).

You can activate the infowindow under "Special programs => My settings" with the option "Open infowindow". (Requirements: The user must have the right for the program "Account sheet => Screen")