Consideration of customer´s data is possible now
(available from V6.4.841)

From now on it´s possible to considerate customer´s data within the import of bankstatements.

You have to do the following settings:

1) Basic data -> Company index -> Voucher types

The field "customer´s data" has been added. Change the selection from "none" to "account (right 6 digits) + invoicenr (4 digits) + year (2 digits)".

Attention: All existing OI´s will be filled with the field customer´s data immediately! This process can take some time.

2) Basic data -> Accounts data -> Bank accounts

On the tabpage "Supplements" you have to change the field "format customer´s data" to "considerate".

Payments -> Bank Statements -> Import

From now on the customer´s data of the payments will be compared with the customer´s data within the open items. If the voucher has been found as a result of matching customer´s data, this payment will get the status "green check".

Posting -> Stack posting

If you import some vouchers to the program, it will generate customer´s data on the basis of the settings of the voucher type automatically.