Verification of VAT-numbers (level 1 and level 2)
(available from V7.1.1145)

The verification of VAT-numbers within the accounting software EuroFib for Windows has been revised and extended.

Now you are able to check the VAT-numbers for each customer/supplier account immediately in the accounts data with a click on the right mouse button (tabpage Supplements, field VAT-number)

Additionally it´s possible to check the VAT-numbers online for several personal accounts under "Reports => Summarised report => Confirmation of UID-numbers". To do so, activate the check "Online" on this mask.

Level 1:
Uses the webservice of the european commission.

Level 2:
Uses the webservice of the austrian tax office.

Requirements for level 2:
- Austrian VAT-number of the applicant (Company index => Address record)
- Webuser in the Online-portal of the austrian tax office (data of this webuser under Accounts data => Tax definition => Tax office)