Balance/P&L for each real account
(available from V7.2.1601)

Basic data => Accounts data => Real accounts

The accounting software EuroFib for Windows has been extended. Now you decide on each real account directly, if this account is a balance or a P&L account. So it´s also possible to use "mix classes". (balance/P&L accounts in one class of accounts)

Basic data => Company index => Fixed accounts

The setting here is just a suggestion for creation of a new account in the corresponding class. With the right mouse button there is a modification service to transfer this setting to all accounts of this class.

All relevant functions (opening balance, balance sheet, stack postings) has been adapted. In all reports of the cost accounting you are able to switch between "all accounts / only balance accounts /only P&L accounts". A suggestion for this setting can be set in the cost accounting definitions.