Technical restrictions from FinanzOnline AT (webservices)
(available from V7.2.1446)

The direct communication between FinanzOnline (AT) and EuroFib has some technical restrictions since October 2014. It concerns to the direct upload of STS/summarised report, the download of the databox informations and the direct VAT-number check.

The following operating systems/browsers are not supported anymore because of increase of security standards within the federal data center:

- Windows XP or older
- Windows Server 2003* or older
- Internex Explorer 8 or older

Please call your system administration if you want to install an alternative browser or to setup a new operating system.

Source of the information:
Link Sicherheit
Link Browsereinstellungen

* Windows Server 2003:
For this operating system Microsoft offers a hotfix.
This hotfix maybe enables the communication with the tax office services: Hotfix

Installation/setup of this hotfix without guarantee and at own risk!