Detailed view positions, copy voucher without address
(available from V7.2.1528)

The invoice module within the accounting software EuroFib for Windows has been extended/revised.

1) The detailed view for the positions (double click) has been redesigned.
Additional it´s possible to switch between the articles easier. (buttons, PAGE up/down, CURSOR up/down)

2) If you have pre entered a cost centre/cost unit on the revenue account, this information will be transferred to the position automatically. Requirement: You didn´t enter a cost centre/cost unit in the header of this voucher.

3) The delivery address/billing address is transferred automatically by copying the voucher till now. A new option on voucher types is available to read the address from the debtor/creditor again (not copy it).

You find these changes in the software under "TO => Order" and under "Basic data => Company index => Voucher types" on tabpage "Invoice".