Reminders by e-mail: additional addresses from level, parameter for body/text
(available from V7.2.1808)

The reminder module within the accounting software EuroFib for Windows has been extended for the following functions:

- e-mail from level
Additional CC/BCC recipient from level.
Example: e-mail should be sent ADDITIONAL as an information to an internal recipient.

TO recipient from level. (overrules the recipient of the debtor!)
Example: e-mail outside of the normal reminder levels (lawyer) should be sent to the internal responsible person.

You find this change in the software under "Remind => Reminder => Options" on tabpage "e-mail from level".

- Parameter for body/text
These parameters will be changed during the creation process of the e-mail with the individual information:
[mah_stufe] = reminder level
[kod_anrede] = form of address
[kod_titel] = title
[kod_vorname] = firstname
[kod_zuname] = surname/company
[kod_name2] = name 2
[kod_zusatz] = supplement
[cf_kod_name] = firstname + surname
[kod_konto] = account number

You are able to use these parameters within the software under "Remind => Reminder => Headings".