Composite tax rate
(available from V7.2.1707)

The accounting software EuroFib for Windows has been extended with an option "composite tax rate". Now it´s possible to tag a tax code as "composite tax rate" (usually used on input tax side).

With this option the tax amount won´t be calculated/suggested. On the STS control list the tax code will be displayed only if the calculated amount is higher then the entered percentage.

Composite tax rate code "VMi" (with 20% for check)
Posting amount 100,- and tax code "VMi" - the application won´t calculate a tax amount.
If you post 15,- tax amount => this posting won´t be displayed on the STS control list (<20%)
If you post 30,- tax amount => this posting will be displayed on the STS control list (>20%)

You find this option in the application under "Basic data => Company index => Tax definitions => Tax codes".