New Crystal Reports runtime 13.0.24
(available from V7.6.2050)

From now on a new Crystal Reports runtime version 13.0.24 is supported from the accounting software EuroFib for Windows.

This Crystal Reports runtime is very important for several printouts from EuroFib (e.g. sales tax summary, reminders, aviso, invoices, ...). We recommend to switch to the new version asap because of technical developments in the future.

1) After the EuroFib update download the new Crystal Reports runtime version from our download area and install the runtime on each PC you run EuroFib (local PC, Terminalserver). You don´t have to uninstall the old runtime XI.

2) Go to "Special prorams => My settings", change the version (Crystal Reports from 11.5 to 13.x) and restart EuroFib. This setting has to be done for each EuroFib user. Here you are able to switch back if there are any problems with the new runtime.

3) Go to "Help => Version" to check the runtime - it should be displayed here.