Address informations for each booking possible
(available from V7.6.2130)

From now on it´s possible to save the following informations for each single booking (in general ledger):

- Form of address
- acad. title
- first name
- surname
- name 2
- supplement
- country sign
- pcode
- place
- street
- phone
- e-mail
- tax number

These informations are independant from the booked accounts - for example you are able to book a "div. supplier" and save all the detail informations of this transaction within the booking. Also for bookings without debtor/creditor (e.g. contra account "cash", ...) these informations can be useful too.

You are able to enter it:
- for each booking via "Change account lines"
- imported bookings (interfaces, stack posting)

To use/report the new informations you can use our tax list under "Report => STS-check => Taxnumber".