Article series on social media started - keep informed!
(available from V7.4.2028)

This week we uploaded our first news-article for July 2020 with topic "reduction of sales tax to 5% in Austria" to our social media platforms. With these articles we want to provide up-to-date topics in a short and clearly arranged way.

In the future we will upload further articles in the same way. If you are interested please get in contact:


For sure all other existing information sources will be still available:

- EuroFib News (weekly most of the time)
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Available in EuroFib in the main window on the right bottom corner (if it´s not activated, please activate it under "Special programs => My settings" on tabpage "Options") or on our website.

- Newsletter (around 8 weeks)
We will send all the EuroFib news by e-mail to the registered address directly.
You can register a new address in EuroFib under "Special programs => My settings" on tabpage "Standard" with the button "Newsletter" on the below right corner.