New service - EuroNews in EuroFib for Windows
(available from V7.1.1219)

A new service within the accounting software EuroFib for Windows has been added. From now on our "EuroNews" will be downloaded through a webservice over the internet and are displayed in EuroFib directly.

Each EuroFib user will see a maximum of 10 EuroNews entries in the main window (= default setting) With a click on the magnifying glass symbol you can see details. In this new window you are able to use a specific search with version number from/to for new entries.

The following settings can be set of each EuroFib user under "My settings":
- Activate/deactivate the display of EuroNews within the main window
- Language of EuroNews entries (german/english)
- max. number of entries, which will be displayed on the main window

You can find these new services in the application under the following menu items:
Detail view of EuroNews: Help => EuroNews (or magnifying glass symbol)
Settings: Special programs => My settings, tabpage "Options"