Advanced search for G/L accounts
(available from V7.8.2416)

The search function within the accounting software EuroFib has been extended. From now on you are able to use the extended search function for real accounts besides debtors/creditors.

G/L account with MATCHCODE "INTERNET, MOBILE" and description "Internet, telephone".

Search for "1,TEL"
First search in the matchcode at the beginning of the text - the account will not be found.
If you now select "Text center" in the subsequent search window and click on Start, the "extended search" is used to search other fields (e.g. description) in addition to the matchcode. By selecting "Text center", it does not matter whether the text module "TEL" is at the beginning/end or in the middle. The account is found.

A faster option would be to search immediately using the percentage sign (e.g. 1,%TEL).
This will also find the account immediately.