EuroFib version 7.4. - important information
(available from V7.2.1845)

The current EuroFib version (7.2. or 7.3) won't be developed any more starting from calendar week 13/2019!
As of this date new developments will only be available with Version 7.4.
We recommend you therefore to urgently update your system to Version 7.4 for free!

What do you have to consider for the update?
The following operating systems and databases won't be supported any more.

Operating System:
Microsoft™ Windows XP
Microsoft™ Windows Vista
Microsoft™ Windows Server 2003

Microsoft™ SQL Server 2000
Sybase SQL Anywhere 7

Please clarify with your responsible IT-support if any of the above mentioned operating systems or databases is currently in use

Does anything change when operating in EuroFib?
No - You are able to work as usual after the update to Version 7.4.

From now on the update is available and the setup of the update is as usual.