Module vouchers pre-entry extended
(available from V7.2.1538)

The module "vouchers pre-entry" within the accounting software EuroFib for Windows has been extended:

Now you are able to define the following settings for each voucher type:

- Suggestion for the date "begin valuta"
Date received on, posting date or voucher date

- Suggestion for the voucher number
According to the settings of the voucher type (tabpage General) or from the internal number

- Discount entry
With this option you can activate/deactivate the input fields for net days/discount days/discount percentage

- Check "active"
With this option you are able to activate only the necessary voucher types for the pre-entry module

Additional the entry-screen has been modified and the look and feel has been matched to the posting online screen.

You find these new options in the software under "Basic data => Company index => Voucher types" on tabpage "Vouchers pre-entry". You find the vouchers pre-entry under "Posting => Vouchers pre-entry".