Asset accounting

The administration of fiscal, commercial-law related, and corporate-law related calculation types for each asset is clearly presented. Asset accounting distinguishes itself through simple operation.

Amortization methods. Declining, linear or individual amortizations are possible and can moreover be reproduced through master data settings. We have already installed all popular amortization variants for you. That way, nothing more stands in the way of an immediate start.

Future-proof. Freely definable special amortizations, credit entry types, cash-out types, as well as amortization methods ensure a high degree of flexibility.

Particular asset accounting advantages and features:

  • Complete supplier information (not just invoice no. and name)
  • Input & forget (input once, analyze for years without cost)
  • Event system
  • Standardized interfaces for entry of movements, instead of buttons and fields
  • Proliferation; clear and comprehensible across all fiscal years
  • Time point is selectable for partial repostings not just the beginning of the fiscal year
  • Data output in various formats like Excel, PDF, and ASCII and directly readable
  • Unlimited number of assets in the system
  • Administration of subassets (sub-numbers)
  • Assignment to site and area
  • Assignment to asset groups
  • Manufacturer and serial number
  • Project number
  • Structure number
  • Assignment of an image
  • Assignment of document of your choice
  • Arbitrarily many document of any kind can be assigned to an asset and be called up from there.
  • Unlimited number of notes can be saved
  • Administration of lots, like: 20 armchairs
  • Administration of fiscal, commercial-law related, cost-accounting, and corporate-law related calculation types for each asset
  • Automatic cash-out of an asset from the invoicing.