Payment transaction/Telebanking

Bank transfers/bank collections
Importing bank data media

With this module, your payment transactions are optimally administered and data exchange with the banks is individually supported. For daily national and international payment transactions with banks, we currently make more than twenty formats like MT940, Edifakt, SEPA, and Multicash available to simplify the respective handling.

The preparation of data media for bank transfers/bank collections as well as the importing of bank media occurs automatically. Numerous parameters ensure the optimization of payment account assignment.


  • Arbitrarily many banks per client can be defined.
  • Several bank connections can be stored in the individual master account.
  • Automatic recognition of upcoming open entries and cash discounts


  • Changes in cash discount conditions or payment amounts (partial payment)
  • Automatic apportionment at banks with transfer limits
  • Selection of open entries via drag & drop
  • Simple settlement of installments


  • Advice by fax or e-mail
  • Data transfer to Telebanking and check printing
  • Automatic invoice payment with payment booking
  • Cash discount tax reduction

Individual. Each enterprise has different requirements. EuroFib therefore enables a broad scope of action.