Dunning process

A comprehensive dunning process enables individual and flexible administration of your receivables.

  • Personnel account master. Whether a warning or an account statement is desired can be defined on a per customer basis. You also have the option to freely define calculation of reminder fees and default interests.
  • Dunning form. The recording of dunning text per language code and dunning level for the dunning form is possible in Word as well as in Crystal Reports. Individual design ensures your corporate identity.
  •  Dunning positions. Individual open entries, like customer complaints, can be processed before dispatching the warning.
  •  Automatic transmission. Besides printing the warning, it is also possible to automatically fax or e-mail it.

Additional dunning process options

  • Default interest invoices. Invoices can be created due to the determined default interest. Two possibilities are available in this connection: either an account current interest payment from the account or interest for all invoices paid too late. The user decides whether the stated default interest or reminder fees are entered or not.
  • Balance confirmations. Printing a balance confirmation can occur at the document level or balance level (incl. feedback possibilities to the auditor).