Version 7, PDF printer1

Interface descriptions2

Update from EuroFib, Database rights3

Informations about the website (downloads, newsletter)4

EuroFib in conjunction with austrian tax office (STS, summarised report, check VAT no., OSS)5

Payments, payment for tax office6

Payments, SEPA/processes7

ELSTER - electronic tax return for Germany8

EuroFib archive9

Open items - direct assignement/posting10

Refund of input VAT11

Summarised report12

Sales lists gross/net13

Self consumption (e.g. electric vehicles)14

Monthly factoring15

Open balance16

Balance consolidation17

Module views - illustration facilities e.g. UGB, IFRS18

Module branches19

Archiving of documents on debtors/creditors20

Recurring postings / reports21

Batch management with EuroFib22

Post out tax accounts23

Save selections/filters24

Change bookings25

Prepayments, suspense tax, reverse charge26



Import balance structure from MS Excel29


Compensation - Balancing open items31

Postal addresses for debtors/crediotrs32

Remind management33

Shipping of the reminders via E-Mail34

Print balance confirmation35

Import bank statements36

Payments - Edifakt37

Payments - print aviso38

Cost accounting - apportionment direct39

Change account numbers40

Repost according to service date41

Delete accounts without postings42

Import/export client43

Cash - voucher print, import44

Project accounting/Time sheet45

STS, control statement (HR, CZ, SK, PL, HU)46

Topics for DSGVO/GDPR & SOX47

Special additional modules48

Euroams for Windows - Asset accounting49